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A large part of our business is looking after your company’s IT infrastructure, this can be done through a service level agreement or on an ad hoc callout basis. We have a number of complimentary services for example:

Desktop Support, Backup Rotation, IT Administration

Call us for an on-site assessment.


IT solutions offers cutting-edge connectivity and website hosting at affordable rates. We offer ADSL, Fibre and satellite services. On the website hosting side we have shared hosting platforms or dedicated rack space in some of the best data centres in South Africa.


IT Solutions offers a fix it while you wait technical service for walking customers into our retail shop.


Consultation 30minLabour.R1 50
Consultation 1 HourLabour.R 250
Data CloneTo make an exact copy of the data on your storage device.R 300
Data Transfer Cell PhoneNew cell phone? Let us transfer your data.R 250
Data Transfer PC/ LaptopDo you have a new computer? Let us transfer your precious data.R 450
Data Recovery - if unsuccessfulData recovery will be attempted, if unsuccessful there will be an assessment fee.R 200
Data Recovery - if successfulMissing your critical data, let’s try get it restored for you. We use specialized tools for data recovery that may just do the trick.R 600
Detailed RepairComputer in a knot? Bring it in and we will resolve the issue. Normally your computer will need to be put into our service centre for this type of issue.R 300
DiagnosisDo you have a computer problem but you are unsure how much it is going to cost to fix or whether it’s worthwhile fixing? Let us assess this for you.R 200
Quick RepairExactly what the service suggests, the annoying problem that you just can't fix yourself that you know will only take 15 minutes for someone else to fix, let us do this for you!R 200
Format/ ReinstallLet us make your computer like it was when you first bought it. You’d be amazed what a fresh installation of your windows and programs will do to your computer’s performanceR 500
Virus RemovalGot a “gogga” bring it in and we will use the best tools out there to remove viruses and malware.R 500
Virus Removal (External/ Flash Drive)Got a “gogga” on your external storage device, bring it in and we will use the best tools out there to remove viruses and malware.R 250
Backup, Format And ReinstallLet us safely backup your data and re-install your computer.R 700
Software InstallSupplied software will be installed.R 200
Hardware InstallSupplied hardware will be installed.R 400

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